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We have high quality Bias AG  tires and the best prices in Eastern Canada Guaranteed!

18.4-38 12 QZ-702 R-1 TL

18.4-42 12 QZ-702N R-1 TL

20.8-38 12 QZ-702 R-1 TL 

Benefits and Advantages:

1) Large selection of sizes ensures the perfect fit for your equipment 

2) Dual angled lugs bracing for better traction,more stability and less squirm

3) Dual rubber compounds — flexible rubber on the sidewalls to resist weather cracking plus super-tough rubber on the tread for long wear 

4) Bead-and-rim flange protector reducing downtime by keeping out debris  

Application of Vehicle Models:tractor, excavator, trailer, harvester, spreader, soil tillage and spraying machines

30.5L-32 20 QZ-702A R-1 TL 

Benefits and Advantages:

1) High flotation capability along with low soil compaction and excellent traction in the field

2) High load capacity to improve modern farmers’ requirements in terms of productivity

3) Flexible sidewall rubber compounded with super-tough tread rubber for superior ride, snag resistance and long wear 

4) Bead-and-rim flange protector reducing downtime by keeping out debris

Application of Vehicle Models:combine harvestoer, high power tractors, monster trucks

11L-15 12 QZ-709 I-1 TL , 12.5L-15 12 QZ-709 I-1 TL ,    9L-15 12 QZ 709

Multi rib, low section tires designed to provide high flotation with minimum soil compaction and good load distribution.

- cut-resistant sidewall reduction downtime, shock fortified nylon-cord body resisting impacts

-specially fortified rubber that resists stubble punctures and tire erosion


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